General Information

School Hours:
Summer Timing

Pre Level PG – UKG 9:20 AM – 3:15 PM (Friday 1:00 PM)
Basic Level (Junior) 1- 4 9:20 AM – 3:20 PM (Friday 1:00 PM)
Basic Level (Senior) 5 - 8 9:20 AM – 3:40 PM (Friday 1:45 PM)
Secondary Level (Junior) 9 - 10 9:20 AM – 4:20 PM
Secondary Level (Senior) 11 - 12 6:00 AM – 12:00 Noon


Winter Timing

Pre Level PG – UKG 9:20 AM – 3:15 PM (Friday 1:00 PM)
Basic Level (Junior) 1- 4 9:20 AM – 3:20 PM (Friday 1:00 PM)
Basic Level (Senior) 5 - 8 9:20 AM – 3:20 PM (Friday 1:45 PM)
Secondary Level (Junior) 9 - 10 9:20 AM – 3:45 PM (Friday 1:45 PM)
Secondary Level (Senior) 11 - 12 6:30 AM – 12:00 Noon

Note: Parents/ Guardians will be informed prior if any changes occurred.

Dress Code
(LKG – 10)

Sunday and Monday - Shirt - Cream
- Pants – Maroon (Boys)
- Skirt (Girls) – Maroon
- Socks/ Stuckin – White
- Sweater- Blue black (Winter)
- Ribbon – White
- Shoes – Back Leather
- Coat – Blue Black (Optional)
Dress for Grade 11 and 12 will be as specified by the school.
Tuesday and Friday - Yellow and Black Track Suit
- Black Converse Shoes
- Socks – White
- Ribbon – White 
Dress for Grade 11 and 12 will be as specified by the school.
Wednesday and Thursday - Shirt-Light Blue Tone with Light Gray Lines
- Pants – Gray
- Skirt (girls) – Gray
- Socks/ Stuckin – White
- Sweater- Blue Black (Winter)
- Ribbon – White
- Shoes – Back Leather
- Coat – Blue Black (Optional)
Dress for Grade 11 and 12 will be as specified by the school.


Language Policy:
Mount View is bilingual (English and Nepali). Mostly the information is delivered in English language. But Nepali language is equally emphasized. We also offer Mandarin Chinese language from grade 3 and above.


  1. Grade sheet, character certificate or transfer certificate,Birth certificate with present passport sized photo should be attached with admission form.
  2. Entrance exam will be taken from grade one onwards.
  3. Different other criteria formulated by the school should be met for the admission.
  4. Finally parents’ interview is must.


  1. Prior leave request application is must (Application can be sent at HOD/School coordinator’s email)
  2. Absentees without any information should submit the explanation letter/email in parent’s presence at school or through parent's authentic email address.
  3. Regularly two weeks absentees without information will remain no more school student.
  4. Students should arrive at school before assembly bell, late comers won't be sent to regular class without giving reasonable explanation about the cause of being late.
  5. The school hour:
    Kids planet wings (PG to Grade 2) - 9:20 am to 3:15pm
    Senior wings (Grade 3 to 10) - 9:20 am to 4: 20pm
    Secondary (Grade 11 & 12) : 6:00 AM to 12:00 Noon
    This time schedule might be differ as per the necessity of certain situation and necessity.
  6. Students only with admit card will be allowed to enter in the exam hall.
  7. Irregular attendance, habitual idealness, disobedience or rude conduct to the general interest of the school is sufficient reasons for dismissal of the students.
  8. Any absentees for the very first day after a long (week) vacation will be considered as dishonesty in study. It will reduce more points of regular evaluation.
  9. At least 85% attendance in one academic year is needed to sit in any type of exam.


Home Assignment Policy:

  1. Teachers will give relevant, challenging and meaningful home assignment for building responsibility and lifelong learning habit.
  2. Home assignment can be reading, writing, field work, project work, research work etc.
  3. Copying home assignment is considered and plagiarism.
  4. certain percent of summative marks will be calculated as per presenting regular and creative home assignment by the student.


  1. The regular students with minimum criteria must sit for DLE/BLE/SEE/NEB Board exam. In case of form, result and exam cancelled because of students’/parents’ acts taken without school administration’s permission, the school is not responsible for such cases.
  2. Absentees in internal exam with any cause, the extra administrative overhead cost of re exam will be paid by the examinee.
  3. Unauthorized materials are strictly prohibited in the exam hall.
  4. Any kind of unwanted activities like; side talking, cheating, misbehaving in the exam hall might result in expel.
  5. Every student must arrive at school 15 minutes before the first bell and can leave exam 15 minutes before the last bell.
  6. All the required materials must be with every student. If anyone is found asking for materials with their friends, they can be suspended for the day.
  7. Any kind of internal exam fee will be charged to the students for each exam as per the school determines. Fees for external exam will be charged according to external exam fee and the other services provided to the students by the students before and during the exam.


  • Proper school uniform is compulsory for all in school days.
  • Any improper dress up, unhygienic dressed, students in bush shirts can be sent back to home.
  • Unauthorized books, magazines, comics, papers, any type of electronic device, any other appliances are not allowed in school without prior permission of the principal, coordinator or class teacher. If found those materials will be seized /confiscated.
  • Students can leave school compound during the school hour only with prior permission.
  • Students are not allowed to come school with any jewelry, money (no more than 50 rupees), in case of loss or damage of such things school will not be responsible.
  • Any rude behavior to teachers, friends, school officials, and administration will not be forced to keep student at school.
  • Unnecessary shouting, whistling, using filthy language are restricted.
  • Good manners, habits of obedience, neatness in person and dress and punctuality are required at all times.
  • School is not responsible on any consequences and complications raised due to misuse of social media among the students. School can take any kind of action to the students involved in such unwanted activities.
  • Students are not allowed to chew chewing gum, put on mehandi, kajal, lipsticks and any extra cosmetics.
  • Girls must have two plaited long hair with white ribbons and boys must have army cut trimmed hair.
  • Nobody is allowed to play inside the school compound before and after school hour.


  • All the text books, note copy, exercise copy, pen, mathematical tools, other stationaries, laptop (in case of necessary) etc. must be with students in school time.
  • Borrowing text books and other materials with friends is strictly prohibited.
  • School highly encourages to submit home assignments through online or manually before entering classroom.
  • Several types of evaluations will be held as per the requirement for the educational development of the students such as: daily assignments, research work, project work, unit test, monthly test, random test, bullet test and terminal exam as well.
  • Four terminal exams will be conducted in one academic session. Exam fee will be charged in each term.
  • Minimum C+ grade is required in each subject without practical marks in order to be admitted in upper grade.
  • Students from class two onwards can have a set of school diary at school day with them.
  • School mobile application and online classroom portal should be updated for home assignment, notice and other and other information.
  • MOUNT VIEW SCHOOL has adopted the project based teaching learning method, for the same, all guardians are liable to pay all the required cost for every material in cash within given deadline.


  • Students are strictly prohibited scratching or spoiling the school property.
  • The damage of school properties accidentally or intentionally should be the subject to compensation or replacement.
  • Only school has copyright on all school photos, students’ activity photos/videos, documentary, message, and all press/media related objects.



  • Students are not allowed to use any social media, press, websites, or other means without school permission.
  • Students in school uniform are forbidden to enter in any café, hotel, restaurant, movie hall, theater, casino, bar, park, disco and so on. If it is reported with proof, he/she will be expelled.
  • Forming any group, council, association or so on without principal’s permission is strictly discouraged.
  • Any dishonest activity (i.e. gang fight, misuse of social media, websites, addiction to publicly unaccepted things) of students that degrades school prestige will be sufficient reason to expel the students from school.


  • Besides Annual fees, new admission fees, and exam fees, other all kinds of fees will be charged for whole months of academic session.
  • Besides regular monthly tuition fee, school will charge new admission fee (only one time), regular annual fee (in around to two month fee), Transportation fee (only for users), special training fee, before and after school course fee (only for those who enrolls in such course), online learning or tutorial fee,lunch and snack fees, function fees, excursion fees, Personal accident insurance premium and service charge, Lab and library charge etc.
  • Monthly tuition fee should be paid within the 10th of the same month.
  • If the fee is not paid for two months continuously, a reminding call will be made for 15 days.
  • If the response of the reminding call is not made within the deadline, the students’ name will be published on the school notice board. If there is no response till the last date, student’s name will be struck off the school register.
  • At least two months’ prior written application form the parent is needed for withdrawal of the students and re- admission is charged for such students.
  • No reduction is made in regular fee for the absence or broken period.
  • Exam fee will be charged for each terminal exam.In case of re-exam, all the overhead cost of re-exam will be charged to the examinee.
  • Hall ticket will be provided to those students whose due is clear up to the exam date.
  • In case of leaving school in the middle of the session, one academic year fees should be paid.
  • School can increase the monthly fee, annual fee and other fee from 10 to 20% in every academic year.

Health and Insurance:

  • Students are strictly prohibited to bring confectionaries, readymade, dry and packed food as the tiffin in school premises.
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks for day boarder students is available as per the guardians request at school’s rate.
  • Each student will pay tobuy the personal accident insurance policy and other service charge. In case of accident, parents will spend the treatment cost and school will facilitate to get compensation amount as mentioned in the insurance policy.
  • School will facilitate with insurance company to receive compensated amount according to company policy and insured amount. For this purpose, all the original bills are mandatory.
  • School will be very sensible and careful on handling the students and teachers/ staffs will do their best to avoid any kind of mishaps during school time in school premises.
  • In case of occurring any kind of accidental case, parents will be informed as soon as possible for further treatment on their own liability. 



  • Avoid throwing waste paper, any leftover, old materials randomly.
  • Always use bins, in case of disobedience, the student will be responsible to collect all thrown objects of school premises and put in bins.
  • School will not be accountable for any major or minor accidents of occurred at playground/in the building.
  • Students are not allowed to play any games without prior permission of school authority. In such case, school will not be accountable for any major and minor accident occurred at playground/ within the school premises.