Vision, Mission and Objectives

Educational Philosophy
Mount View approach of teaching and learning is inspired by the philosophy of Students' Quality Circles (SQC), Montessori-Play Way Method and Progressive Education.


Our Vision:
Mount View will internationally recognized school and it will be able to develop Educational Tourism for Economic Revolution.

Our Mission:
Mount View will gradually upgraded to higher educational institution introducing national and international academic programs. Its mission is to provide "Education with Global Connection".


  • To promote 21st Century learning through various teaching learning methods and approaches.
  • To produce efficient and skillful nation builders having good and smart character through holistic approach of teaching-learning and life skill based activities.
  • To assist to nation by providing international standard education along with national values and ethics.
  • To facilitate various social activities through Mount View Social Service Fund.
  • To produce efficient teachers through Mount View Training System.
  • To promote Mount View's child centric teaching method throughout the country.
  • To run the collaborative projects and students-teachers exchange programme between Mount View and different academic institutes from various parts of the world.
  • To run the supporting activities to achieve schools mission and vision

Our Belief:
Mount View believes every child is genius. They are born to be successful, service oriented and nation builders by exploring their inborn quality and acquiring other qualities required to fulfill our beliefs.


Curriculum and Academic Policy
Mount View offers thematic approach of teaching-learning in pre-level and it offers a multifaceted and balanced curriculum within the curriculum framework of Nepal government for grade 1-12. Since 2013 the school has been offering Students Quality Circles as the curricular subject for the first time in the world from grade 6-8.