Historical Background of the School:


Mount View English Boarding School was Established in 2048 BS (1991 AD) as a private Boarding School with the view to do some unique and new and to provide quality education to the students of surrounding area of Changathali, Tikathali VDC.  Initially, the school had only 63 students but within a short period of time, the school became more popular among the neighborhood villages such as Balkot, Sirutar and Dadhikot. As a result, the school succeeded   to establish its branch at Balkot, the neighborhood village of Changathali.


The school gradually became popular among the guardians of whole Bhaktapur and eastern belt of Lalitpur district due to the strong management, transparent administration, visionary founder principal and smart working staffs along with well organized academic excellency, enough educational infrastructure and co-curricular activities.


In the time being, the initial policy of making the school centralized in Changathali became inappropriate.  As a result, Balkot branch of the school turned into main school and Mount View took the form of its branch school in 2052 BS. Due to the ability of school administration to be changed as according to the need of time and cooperative assistance from the teachers, guardians and well wishers, the school took a full fledge English medium school with more reputation when Changathali branch and the main school of Balkot joined together forming one of the biggest school in the locality in 2053 BS.


The school did not focus only on rot learning teaching system from its establishment time. It induced so many ECA and CCA activities for all round development of the students. As the result the school began to win almost all ECA contests organized by various organizations. The school felt matured when its students appeared in SCL examination for the first time in 2058 BS. The school is running to produce 14th batch of SLC graduates till the date.


Human thoughts, desires and intentions are dynamic and go on changing with the course of time . Similarly, the global arena has been narrowed with the rapid advancement in the field of science and technology. It has provided with more opportunities along with great challenges. Realizing this the very fact, Mount View has launched Montessori based “Play Way Method” of teaching system since 2060 BS for the first time in Bhaktapur district. The school has been the ultimate destination to intellectual and change loving parents after the establishment of “Mount View Kids Planet” wing since 2064 BS with essential promotion and changes.


Since 2066 BS, this school has been a leader school in Bhaktapur District for the upliftment of educational status with Montessori- Playa Way Method and has also established “Mount View Human resource Production System” with the slogan of “Educational Tourism for Economic Revolution.”


On the present days, mostly schools are following techno educational system. As the result students are getting smarter day by day on the one hand and they are missing their good character on the other hand. But we need our youth or younger generation having both good and smart character. To fulfill the gap in the modern education, Mount View has launched a very new subject Students Quality Circles (SQC) from 2067 BS (2010 AD). SQC is such a dynamic subject which provides opportunity to enhance the latent pro-social character of students along with their  knowledge and skills. It is proud to announce that Mount View is the first school in the world to introduce SQC as the Curricular Subject since 2070 BS.


At Present, the school is located at Balkot-5, Bhaktapur.  It is the Popular most School in Bhakapur  due to Play way Method, SQC, integration of ECA/CCA in regular basis, excellent SCL result, the success of SLC passed out students all over the world etc.

The students have proved their academic excellence by securing the following positions:


2056 BS:         District First (both boys and girls) in class VIII district level examination.

            2057 BS:         District First (both boys and girls) in class VIII district level examination.

            2062 BS:         District second in SLC Examination.

            2063 BS:         District 6th and 7th I SLC examination.

            2064 BS:         District 10 in SLC examination.

            2065 BS:         District 2nd and 6th in SLC examination.

            2068 BS/2012 Iraj Parajuli 93.88% - Nepal Third, Valley topper, Bhaktapur Topper

                                    Sushmita Thapa – 93% - Nepal 2nd (Girls), Bhaktapur 3rd

                                    Sushant Thapa -  92.63% (District Top 4th)

                                    Ujjwol Oli – 92.5 % (District Top 7th)

                                    Bishwodeep Karki – 91.88%  (District Top 9th7

                                    Manisha Timalsina – 91.75% (District Top 10)

                                    Ganga Poudel – 91. 75% (District Top 10)


The school has been running as a secondary level up to class 12 with Management plus Humanities stream with 100% outstanding results in Board Examinations.